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5 Mysterious Places In INDIA – Worth Exploring


Regardless of age or gender, everyone is drawn to mysterious things and finds them to be intriguing. He or she will undoubtedly pay attention to items that have a sense of suspense or mystery to them. So let’s 5 mysterious places in India. These places will have you exclaiming “wowwww” out loud.

5 Mysterious Places Of India :

5. Hanging Pillar 5. The Lepakshi district’s hanging pillar still floats in the air without any kind of support or rope. You can drag a piece of paper or fabric underneath it. The temple’s pandit claims that this pillar is what keeps the entire structure stands. Contrarily, many people think that this pillar is supported from above. But how can such a large and massive pillar support itself by only leaning on its upper side? In fact, nobody is aware of the reality.

4. Living Roots Bridge Cherrapunji located in Meghalaya has a tree. Due to its age, it has developed exceptionally deep and lengthy roots. It organically formed a bridge after spreading out to a height of 300 feet. Residents in the area use that bridge to cross the river that runs beneath it. They consider this tree to be a gift from God.

3. Gravity Defying Palace – There are no pillars in any area of this Lucknow’s palace from the 18th century. It is so sturdy, unharmed and still standing strong.

2. Land Of Black Magic –  This city, which is referred to as the “land of black magic,” is situated in Assam’s Mayong area. According to locals, their great-grandfathers had the power to change them into animals. Even a few of them were able to be invisible for a while.

1. The Abandoned Village – All of the inhabitants of Kuldhara left the village in a single night about 250 years ago. Because the king of that village wanted to have intimacy with the pandit’s daughter of that village. However, the pandit was well-respected in the community. The locals eventually came to Pandit’s support and evacuated the entire area in a single night, leaving all clothing and accessories behind.

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