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Gagan Kokri Vs CJ From GTA San Andreas

Collaborations are something that can give a big boost to your career. Thus Gagan Kokri and Arjan Dhillon collaborated on a song titled “chill mode“.  However, Arjan Dhillon wrote the song, and Sukh Sanghera directed the music video. In addition, Merci, who provided the music for numerous tracks on Sidhu Moose Wala‘s EP named “No Name,” is the composer of the song as well. On July 29, 2022, this song was posted to the official White Hill Music YouTube channel. This song received 10 million views.

Previous Controversy Of Gagan Kokri:

 A long time ago, Gagan Kokri got into a controversy when a female model for his song was hiding behind him during the shoot of the video. Therefore many pointed the finger at Gagan Kokri and claimed it was a publicity stunt after her strip was accidentally removed. This was unexpected coming from such an experienced artist – they said.

CJ Lite Vs CJ Pro:

When I first started playing this song’s video, it resembled a GTA San Andreas gameplay footage. Gagan Kokri’s driving at the beginning of the song, while sporting a chain around his neck and wearing dark glasses, is exactly in accordance with CJ’s fashion. CJ has long been a well-known figure. CJ is an iconic character now. There aren’t many individuals on the planet who are unaware of him. Therefore no on can imitate him.
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