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Criminal By Gippy Grewal – Review


Making a new film about a related topic while retaining the star cast of a popular film like Warning is simple. It is simple to raise interest in Warning 2 but releasing a fresh action film of the same genre. It’s hard to make the crowd happy again, I suppose. Yes, we are talking about Criminal movie which is produced by Gippy Grewal. He also produced the movie Warning and gave his little cameo in that.

Dheeraj Kumar, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Neeru Bajwa, and Raghveer Boli are all cast members of “Criminal.” Two of them have previously been seen in my all-time favorite movie, Warning. The warning increased the caliber of the Punjabi film business. It currently outperforms Hollywood action. How so? Read this: Warning, The Best Web Series Up To This Point. Garinder Singh directed the movie. Despite the best efforts of the actors, Neeru Bajwa and Dheeraj Kumar, the film did not receive much praise.

Criminal Movie Review:

  • Film’s plot was not that good. Although it was distinct from typical Punjabi films. The audience wasn’t prepared to watch this kind of film. Hence they didn’t enjoy it.
  • It was a survival film. It was unnecessarily prolonged to two hours. A few scenes in the movie did not seem to be logical.
  • When the baddies were watching TV in the opening scene of the film. A channel abruptly started playing the Sidhu Moose Wala song “So High.” The audience enthusiastically applauded during this scene at the theatre.
  • The crowd anticipated action, banter, and sequences comparable to those in Warning, but those elements weren’t there in the criminal movie.
  • It was a low-budget film. They used only two or three locations for shooting.
  • The movie didn’t get down in the manner of acting. but the storyline was not that great, which we expected.

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