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Mysterious Agrasen Ki Baoli – 9 Interesting Facts


Actors and musicians frequently choose to shoot their movies and songs at the Mysterious Agrasen Ki Baoli. But Why ? Why this site is getting so many attractions? Diljit Dosanjh filmed some shots of his newly released film “Jogi” here.  Aamir Khan had some videos shot for his “PK” film at this place. Not only but also Salman Khan was seen doing workouts in the “Sultan” movie exactly at this spot. Moreover, the entire music video for the controverial song “Gal Sunoh Punjabi Dosto” by Gurdas Maan was done here. Along with it, many more celebrities are planning to complete their upcoming projects here. So what makes this place so much more mysterious, interesting, and lovable? There are numerous proverbs that refer to this place :

Horror Stories Behind Agrasen Ki Baoli

1. This Baoli had black water filled up to the top. It draws people closer and summons them to jump into it to commit suicide in ancient times.

2. Former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru also tried to drain this well, but he was unsuccessful. Alternatively, after various attempts, he stopped and never decided to take this step again.

3. Mysterious Agrasen Ki Baoli is situated close to Connaught Place, Delhi.

4. Touristers claim to hear enigmatic whispers coming from behind the walls when they go down.

5. Locals said that every second or third day, someone would pass away when they used to go swimming here. Therefore, they stopped visiting.

6. Nighttime and photographic visits to this location after 7 pm are forbidden.

7. Even though this location is now a popular tourist destination, many individuals are still afraid to visit it.

8. There are roughly 108 stairs that lead down from it.

9. There is no certain proof that who built this. But many believe, legendary king Agrasen constructed it. He gave it his own name.

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