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KARAN AUJLA’s Top 5 Most Viewed Songs


We are going to explore Karan Aujla’s top 5 most viewed songs. Additionally, these songs gained views in millions. Eventually everyone has listened to them at least once. Clearly, that doesn’t mean, Karan’s other songs are bad.

KARAN AUJLA’s Top 5 Most Viewed Songs:

5. Karan Aujla made it possible to dance to sad songs. Furthermore, Jhanjar, the second installment of the Rim vs. Jhanjar song, received 161 million views. Hence this song is about a cheating wife.

4. On October 20, 2018, the song “Don’t Worry” by Karan Aujla was made available to the public. Sukh Sanghera directed the video, and Deep Jandu gave his music to it. Sandeep Rehaan was the song’s producer, and Gurlej Akhtar handled the female vocals. This song was played a lot during weddings. It received a significant boost. The career of Karan Aujla was greatly boosted after this. Because of this, he began to gain attention. However, as of right now, 167 million people have viewed this music video.

Karan Aujla And Inder Chahal Collaboration Song:

3. The song “Guilty,” a collaboration between Inder Chahal and Karan Aujla, had 207 million views. The publication date was January 10, 2021. The song was made available on ‘Savage Rechords‘ official YouTube account. After hearing Karan Aujla’s Hindi rap in this song, his audience was genuinely shocked.

2. The song Kya Baat Ae portrayed the revenge a cheating wife exacts on her unfaithful husband. This song was especially written for female followers. There have been 258 million views of this song thus far. Tania‘s inclusion in the song significantly raised its calibre. The song’s release date was August 11, 2020, and the music producer was the Desi Crew.

1. “Chitta Kurta” by Karan Aujla is on the number 1 list of our Karan Aujla’s top 5 most viewed songs. More than 264 million people have seen this song online so far. However, a lot of people asserted that Sidhu Moose wala was the reason this song was able to get so many views. Because Karan Aujla replied to Sidhu in this song. On December 2, 2019, the Dhakka song was officially released, however it had already been leaked. Dhakka gained 170 million views.

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