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KARAN AUJLA’s Funniest Reply To KAMBI


29 August 2022 – Karan Aujla’s ‘Sheesha‘ song was released on Karan Aujla Music. After two or three days, a copyright strike was used to delete the song by an anonymous user. Deep Jandu became the suspect for doing this due to his past record of threatening Aujla. A few months back, he gave a statement on his social media. The statement was – ‘whenever a signed artist will release his song without our permission, we will remove that.

Why Kambi Got Angry Over Karan Aujla?

Eventually, Kambi uploaded a story on his Instagram. The story was about a note ‘ i am excited to drop this album’. Closer to my heart song is Sheesha (original) Soon’. The aim of this upload was to target Karan Aujla. Because according to Kambi, he stole his song title.


People started blaming Kambi for removing Karan’s song. Later on, Karan posted a story announcing the return of his song. He also made a reply signature to the hater who removed his song.


On top of that, some fan pages of Karan started commenting under Kambi’s posts. They said – ‘Karan is much better than you. Your things are not worth copying or stealing from him’. In response to those haters, Kambi said:- ‘nonsense people trying to make me down from fake IDs. I don’t need controversy for promotion. I believe in myself, not in stolen titles. #Gtfup, I Hope you know what I mean.


In addition, a video of Karan Aujla went viral, in which he made the funniest reply to Kambi. During his video, he stated that they wanted to cook RaRa chicken. Please, someone, send us the recipe.

As a result, various memes went viral and according to them, Karan Aujla named rara chicken to Kambi. In their opinion, Kambi looks like a Rara chicken due to his face cutting and hair. Fans went crazy laughing at this meme and still, this word fight is going on.



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