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Laal Singh Chaddha – Review


Laal Singh Chaddha is a movie that isn’t entirely based on a true event or story. It focuses entirely on the events that occurred in reality but added to the life of Laal Singh fictionally. Basically, the film depicts his whole entertaining and mysterious life, through which he went in a very decent way. Laal Singh showed us how to maintain composure and joy despite the ups and downs of life. When we succeed in everything, we shouldn’t brag about it, and when we fail, we shouldn’t be sad.

I’m not sure why there were protests against this movie. Nothing in the film encouraged young people to act aggressively. Why was a fantastic film outlawed and a financial failure? Mr. Perfectionist himself, Aamir Khan, gave it everything he had—effort, time, and hard work. We are all aware that he gave a lot of time to his films and effectively. He produced this film as if he would never produce another one again and depicted his character traveling the entirety of India. He presented his persona as a businessman, a father, an army officer, a child with leg issues, and a fast runner.

Best Things About Laal Singh Chaddha Movie:

  • Aamir Khan imparted many fantastic and admirable lessons that everyone should learn from and follow in a very fun manner.
  • Although his storytelling approach was fantastic, it appeared that it was the same as in his PK movie. He altered only language. In PK, he was delivering Gujarati ascent, while in this film, he was speaking Hindi mixed with Punjabi.
  • The movie didn’t do well at the box office, but it did a good job of keeping you interested until the conclusion.
  • He displayed all of the events that took place between 1960 and 2018, including the Blue Star operation, the riots that followed it, and the 26/11 attacks, etc.
  • He exposed the producers’ true nature and how they took advantage of emerging heroines in the business.
  • The way they fit into Shahrukh Khan‘s sequence in the film was great, and his cameo in it was unbelievable. Aamir Khan deserves praise for that.
  • The real-life movie scenes starring Kareena Kapoor were seamlessly incorporated, and Rupa’s brand promotion didn’t seem like a promotion.

We give this film an 8 out of 10 and include it in Chacha Sinri’s list of suggested viewings.

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