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VIKRAM Review By Chacha Sinri


Kamal Hassan’s “Vikram”: Worth Watching It?

In Vikram, Kamal Hassan is shown as a courageous, able, and wise hero. Kamal himself produced this film. It follows that the hero will work tirelessly to ensure the film’s success, when the actor who plays the lead in the film is also the producer. Indeed, he will become incredibly wealthy and famous, if he will give his best in the movie. No doubt, Kamal did that with his 40 years of experience in this industry, to speak specifically. Kamal Hassan did not let us down when it came to the tension, action, twists, and mystery he added to the movie.

They reveal the secret of the film just as you’re about to figure it out, and then they immediately boost the suspense.

Suriya In Vikram?

Suriya‘s feature was mentioned in the trailer. Although, he appears briefly as “Rolex Bhai” at the very end of the film. They referred to him as Rolex Bhai throughout the movie and portrayed him in a horrifying way. Even the movie’s primary antagonist had a strong phobia of Rolex.

Following his appearance as a police inspector in the movie Pushpa, Fahad Fassil attracted a lot of attention. In this beautiful movie, he also displayed some of his best acting abilities.

Speaking, listening, and walking in Vijay Sethupathi’s mannerisms were all distinctive and uncommon. Many audience members left the theatre imitating his gait. You cannot downgrade Vijay Sethupathi’s scenes in the film since they were so much more gratifying and amazing. In the film, he played a very complex, intriguing, and enjoyable role.

Along with me, everyone is anxiously awaiting Vikram’s Part 2.  The audience will see Vikram vs Rolex in part 2. We give this movie a 9 out of 10, and as it’s a family film, you should absolutely watch it together.

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