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Simar Doraha and Karan Aujla met recently. They enjoyed their time together. After meeting Karan Aujla, Simar posted a few photos and videos on his social media and praised Aujla. Simar Doraha wrote: I had a fantastic encounter today, My spirit is very joyful. This kind of individual cannot possibly exist in the world, in my opinion. We have to be like him. The encounter with a successful person teaches us how to approach and achieve success. We can learn a lot from our seniors. Who was that? Read the next story. How I felt after meeting that individual will be noted in the caption. Please don’t criticize me for writing too much. We can’t clearly praise a great person in a few words.

Simar Doraha posted a photo with Karan Aujla in his next story and wrote, When I had 500 followers, Karan messaged me that we would do a collab song. Even though I now have a million followers, I will always remember the day Karan’s message made me so happy. Today I met Karan as a fan But he treated me with the respect of a sibling. Throughout the entirety of the wedding ceremony, he held my hand and didn’t leave. I was requested to go to the hotel by him. You should realize it’s amazing when God promptly brings your dreams to pass.


Karan Aujla Praised Simar Doraha’s Long Captions ?

Simar Doraha afterward uploaded several videos to Instagram along with the caption, “Karan Aujla met me today. He messaged me when I had 500 followers, I believe. He wrote that my music is good and we will collaborate soon. As it is today, Aujla’s work was at its pinnacle. Even though I currently have 1 million followers, I still treated Karan with fandom. He is the only person in the business, to my knowledge, to have praised my captions. Never shorten them – he said. Karan and I shared the same opinions on a variety of subjects. I believe this is the reason Deep Bro told Aujla that Simar is similar to us. After the program, Karan invited me to ride along with him in his car. Well, he can say that we are going there; take your car and come with us. But he didn’t do that.

I also shared a few personal things with him that not many people are aware of. He eventually earned my affection. It’s apparent that a person deserves a great destination when God offers him one. Karan also performed a number of his fantastic new songs. I believe that if every senior artist supports a young artist like him, our industry will succeed.



Can we anticipate Karan Aujla and Sirah Doraha working together in the future?

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