Hello, I’m Chacha Sinri. In 2019, I began my YouTube career under the username Chacha Sinri. At the time, I used to offer news and details about Punjabi cinema and the music industry. That YouTube channel currently has 203k subscribers.

My Channel Link: Chacha Sinri

I opened a Chacha Sinri account on Instagram in 2020. I began offering content out of the Punjabi music and film industries, as well as information on current events in Punjab, India, and international issues, with the assistance of some new members. It doesn’t mean that I ignored Pollywood. I continued on youtube along with Instagram. At present, our Instagram page stands at 26k followers.

My Instagram Pagechacha_sinri

So both of those platforms are handled very consistently by me and my team. In very short words, let us tell you the main purpose of this website.

  • We will share a wide range of material with you on this platform, including news, education, reviews, knowledge, and many other things.
  • We’ll cover everything that exists in the world and everything means everything. Whether it is about actors, singers, animals, cars, health, places, countries, games, sports, the future, people, and everything, it means everything.

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