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SHUBH – Quality Over Quantity


Do you know ? Despite having only five songs out so far, Shubh has more than 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. Obviously the proverb “quality over quantity” perfectly fits on Shubh. Moreover, he also disclosed very little personal information and has not yet done any interview or podcast. As well as that he doesn’t frequently post on Instagram.

Interesting Facts About Shubh:

  • Despite just having five songs out so far, Shubh has more monthly listeners than Karan Aujla on Spotify.
  • He is the younger brother of Ravneet Singh, who is the host of a very popular show in Punjab, Canteeni Mandeer.
  • On his official YouTube channel, he only uploaded seven videos, but he makes between 12 and 14 lakh rupees a month.
  • Shubh hasn’t done any live shows till now.
  • Recently his photo was featured on Times Square of New York. Many claimed he have done this by giving money but reality is something else.
  • With just 5 songs, he has reached 200 million career streams on Spotify.
  • Shubh has only 16 posts on his instagram and still he managed to get 461k followers.
  • His first post on instagram was the poster for his ‘We Rollin‘ song. This photo was uploaded on September 14, 2021.
  • Virat Kohli also follower Shubh on his instagram.shubh-youtube-channel

Shubh and Thiara Jatt, his former music promoter, became embroiled in controversy. However the reason behind their fight didnt came out.


Shubh never divulges too much about himself, as we’ve already said. He concentrates more on his work and music. He has announced in his baller song that he would be releasing a lot of music in 2023. Shubh is brimming up with genuine talent and diligence. He significantly altered his Baller song. He fully retrofitted the Baller song’s music video. Everyone was stunned after seeing Shubh’s alternation..

Release Date Of Shubh’s Songs:

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