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Indian Wrestler – The Great Khali Stopped At Toll Plaza


The Greatness Of Khali

Who doesn’t know about The Great Khali? Punjab, India, and even in the whole world, he is renowned. Besides having a taller personality, The Great Khali plays such a wide role in raising the names of Punjab and India to great heights. However, some people don’t respect this personality in terms of minting money from their videos. They use Great Khali use Toll Plaza to make trending videos. Don’t know How? Read further.
When Khali was crossing the toll plaza in an area of Punjab, some people asked him for his Identity Card. Maybe he refused to do so. As a result of that, they had a bitter quarrel. Reportedly, the argument erupted as Khali slapped the worker, who asked for his ID. Perhaps, Khali thought, why would he need to show any identity to anyone, as everybody knows his popularity? Moreover, Let us make sure too. There was not any proof of Khali slapping that guy. Neither a video nor a photo.
The talks soon got intense as police were forced to intervene in the situation. Apart from this, staff members applied barricades in front of his car, and they kept on provoking him by saying “stay within your limits.”
In the video, staff members could be seen misbehaving with Khali. This could have made him get out of his car and try to move the barricade himself. I don’t understand why the cameraman is showing himself again and again just to pretend that he is abusing The Great Khali. He wants some kind of praise from the public or his intentions were to defame him?

Besides that when Khali came out of the car. The people didn’t even came near to him because of his massive size.

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