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How Sidhu Moose Wala vs Babbu Maan became the biggest controversy in the Punjabi industry? On November 23, 2018, Sidhu Moose Wala respected Babbu Maan by saying him senior to him in an interview. On December 8, 2018, Babbu Maan also sent his warm love to Sidhu Moose Wala in one of his interviews.

How Sidhu Moose Wala Vs Babbu Maan Fight Started?

After the release of Sidhu’s Legend song, a few fans of Babbu Maan criticized Sidhu’s statement in the song, stating that the real legend is only Babbu Maan. They also blamed him for promoting gun culture. A female fan of Babbu Maan wrote and sang a song that was a diss to Sidhu. Fans of Sidhu started abusing her in comments. But still, Sidhu requested his fans to stop giving her hate in the comment section.

After the Sidhu Moose Wala vs Jass Manak controversy, Jass met Babbu Maan in KV Dhillon‘s marriage. Sidhu gave a reply to Jass Manak on his Italy live show. He said something which got hit on Babbu Maan as well. Yet, Sidhu’s rationale was exclusively to target Jass only.

Babbu Maan’s fans were furious and started loathing Sidhu more. Indeed, even Sidhu’s fans began a cold war with Babbu Maan’s fans. Since, as per them, the foe of Sidhu is also their adversary. However, there was no beef between Sidhu and Babbu.

Sidhu Moose Wala added a line in his Old Skool song, which also appeared to be a shot at Babbu. But it wasn’t.

Then comes the Dirba Kabaddi Cup in February, where both of these musicians were invited. But as earlier, we wrote. Fans of both artists started a competition between them. Which artist will accumulate more listeners at Dirba?

Sidhu shared a poster on which Babbu Maan was also appearing. That means there was no hate in the mind of Sidhu for Babbu Maan.

Conspiracies started to be made against Sidhu so that he could not reach Dirba Arena for his live show. Some people sent posts to Sidhu to make him believe that Babbu Maan and his fans are plotting against you to stop you.

Sidhu also gave some indirect replies to Babbu Maan on stage. The next day, a video of Babbu Maan’s show became viral in which a poem spoken by him gave a hit on Sidhu. Then Karan Ghuman posted a video and said that there was a larger gathering of people in Babbu Maan’s arena than in Sidhu’s. However, Box Office Punjab posted, “Sidhu has collected more audiences in Dirba and broke all the previous records.” Sidhu shared this story on his Instagram and wrote on it that ‘we don’t have to tell’. Because of these things, a lot of hatred has spread among the fans of Babbu Maan and Sidhu.

Then Babbu Maan was performing at a function, and there was a fan who abused Sidhu in front of Babbu Maan. But he replied to him that ” anyone who speaks Punjabi and believes in God is his brother, so don’t speak ill of anyone. Hating someone is not in my nature. “

Both Sidhu and Babbu Maan were not giving direct replies to each other, but their fans kept fighting under each other’s songs. Babbu Maan’s song Adab Punjabi was released, and people said that it has some replies to Sidhu. This song reached the trending section of YouTube and, after that, Sidhu’s song “My Block” was released. Sidhu Moose Wala’s song goes to the first number of trends and Babbu Maan’s song to the second. Sidhu uploaded a screenshot of this thing on his Instagram.

Babbu Maan’s fans did not like this at all. They began calling Sidhu’s house and telling him that you had humiliated our teacher. Sidhu felt that Babbu Maan forced them to do so. After this, Sidhu went live on his Instagram, and you all know what happened after this.

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