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Sharry Maan Vs Parmish Verma: What’s The Controversy About?


Sharry Maan Vs Parmish Verma is a very popular topic that receives a lot of attention on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Why is Sharry Maan behaving so badly against Parmish Verma on Instagram? So the reason behind this was that Parmish Verma took Sharry Maan’s phone at his wedding with Geet Grewal. In his words, Sharry Maan would perform on stage, and he would have a personal encounter with him there directly. Parmish Verma’s attitude annoyed Sharry Maan. He fled the wedding and appeared intoxicated on his Instagram live. He stated: “You are assuming that you are the biggest superstar, Parmish, are you Drake? I didn’t come to your wedding to put on a live show; I just came to enjoy it “. Following Sharry’s Instagram live video, his line “Are you Drake?” gained a lot of popularity and this video was the reason behind the Sharry Maan Vs Parmish Verma controversy. After a few days, Parmish Verma also responded with his claim that Sharry would suffer if he ever mistreated him again.

Why Sharry Maan Vs Parmish Verma Came Into the Limelight?

Once more seeming intoxicated on Instagram, Sharry Maan was asked, “Are you, Drake?” Sharry was able to recall all that had previously occurred between him and Parmish. He started disparaging Parmish Verma again. He said he is visiting India soon and tell Parmish his dad is arriving. But the majority of individuals criticized this live by Sharry. They claimed that this type of behavior is inappropriate for an artist. He is being watched by many, and it has a bad impact on other people as well.

Parmish Verma posted a number of stories for him, and in one of them, he stated: “I’ve witnessed many artists becoming G.O.A.T. But I’ve seen first time an artist becoming a donkey. Observing your predicament, I am sorry for you”.

Sharry Maan too apologized throughout his story. He wrote: “He is not feeling well since his mother passed away. But going forward, he will channel all of his negative energy into positive energy and ensure that he never makes the same error twice. I’ll only create the finest song for you guys, not to make money from it.


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