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Warning – Best Punjabi Web Series Till Now


I agree that few people watch Punjabi web series. Their first choice is Bollywood or Hollywood-produced web shows. Because most Punjabi web series lack the quality of English and Hindi web series, whether they are action or mystery-based, “Warning,” a web series from Punjab, is something that simultaneously outperforms Hollywood and Bollywood. Everything, including the plot, narrative, and characters, is simply unbelievable.

Warning: Movie Or Web Series?

This webisode was created by Gippy Grewal, who also made a brief appearance in it. This web series’ initial release was made exclusively on YouTube; it was not available elsewhere. But the crowd was very impressed with just only 2 episodes.

They began requesting progressively more episodes. The creators then made the decision to distribute it as a full movie. They released it in cinemas. The primary drawback was that the audience had already seen the first two episodes of the movie on YouTube and the first half of the movie were those two episodes.

Nevertheless, this film garnered support and favorable reviews from viewers. In the very last scene of the film, Gippy Grewal makes a very brief and attractive appearance. When Geja, aka Gippy Grewal, entered the scene and altered it completely, the audience present in the theatre began to wonder when they would be able to see Part 2 of the film.

After 10 to 15 days, Gippy Grewal shared the poster of Warning 2.  He announced that, part 2 will release on July 22, 2022. But because of the delay, spectators missed Gippy Grewal’s second installment of this movie. The didnt mention the reason for the delay. However, I know exactly whenever Part 2 will hit theatres, It’s going to break a lot of records for Punjabi movies. This film will increase the bar for our sector. Don’t miss watching this wonderful piece of art on big screens.

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