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Justin Bieber Shared Indian Dhol Vala Video


Justin Bieber is a well-known artist and the most loved among girls. Indeed gorgeous female fans were seen taking pictures with him while kissing him on the cheeks and lips as well. Moreover, he got into fame and raised his name to a very high level in a very short time. Clearly, his singing ability is quite uncommon and amazing. Especially he amazes everyone with his melodious voice. The entry-level ticket cost for his performance, when he performed a live show in India was Rs. 75,000. That means you must pay a minimum of Rs 75,000 if you want to watch his concert while standing very far away from him. From this pricing, you can quickly determine the size of his fan base.

Why did Justin Bieber Shared Indian Dhol Wala’s Video?

Well, his live show crowd was unaffected by the hefty ticket fee. The concert was completely sold out. I’m not sure why someone spent that much money to watch him perform live. Possibly those who are ardent supporters of him. Up until he performed his last song, not a single person left the show.

On streaming platforms, Justin’s songs have amassed over one billion views on his every song. Most of his supporters are female. The girl’s one and only goal is to shake Justin’s hand whenever they see him in public. They become irate and forbid Justin from going back to his house.

We are a little off-topic now, I suppose. In a video, Justin Bieber featured an Indian dhol player. That individual was playing the dhol extremely passionately. He was hitting it while repeatedly jumping. “Will you do the same in our next show”, Justin Bieber asked his musician Stixx Taylor while sharing that video on his Instagram story. The viral story and video shocked everyone. We must all acknowledge the power of social media. A tiny object can go to the biggest superstar in the universe.

Indians, on the other hand, are Indians. They routinely perform remarkable feats, which wins everyone over. That video of DHOL VALA

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