Top online money earning apps

Can we earn from online money earning apps ?

Yes we can earn from online money earning apps. More than 38% people in India hustle daily for earn a passive income daily. Today internet make online earnings very easy. There are many online apps and websites from which we can earn money online as a passive income. Here is the list of some apps by Chacha Sinri.


List of online mobile earning apps.

1. YouTube. Link here

YouTube is one of popular app for passive income which is provided by google. There are many ways to earn from YouTube. Which are written below:

YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner Program is first way to earn from YouTube as a creator by displaying google ads in your videos. To join this program YouTube have some criteria. Let have a eye on the criteria.

To join this you need to complete:

  • 1000 Subscribers
  • 4000 Watch hours.

Note: You have to complete this criteria in last 365 days.


2. Blogger. Link here

Blogger is also one of popular passive income app. Which is also developed by google. In this app you can create your free blog website and start making money by displaying ads in your website blog. This app does not have any criteria to complete. You just need to make your blog good. Having good traffic for earnings.

You can also earn by another ads networks providers like:

  • Adsterra
  • Ezoic
  • Ads manager
  • Facebook Ads


3. Honeygain. Link here

honeygain honeygain income honeygain trustpilot online money earning apps

Honeygain is also popular apps for side income. You can earn from this apps by selling your unused data. This app also give you 5$ welcome bonus. You can withdraw your money easily when you reach out 20$. Also this app have refferal program for more earnings. This app have 4.5 star rating on Trustpilot.

Ways to earn from Honeygain

  • Selling data.
  • Refferal progarm.
  • Login more devices.


4. Google Opinion Rewards . Link here

This app is also provided by Google. Here you can earn money by taking part in surveys given by google. You can also earn by reffers. This app have 4 star review on trustpilot.

App available for:

  • Apple(ios)
  • Android
  • Pc
  • Mac

Ways to earn through this app.

  • Surveys
  • Quiz
  • Reffers
  • Payments
  • Games


5. S’mores Lock Screen

By this app you can earn money online by playing games available in the app. This app can give payouts in gift cards. You can redeem your gift cards and earn money. This app also show some ads on your lock screen by which you can also maximize your earnings. This app have 3.7 star review on Trustpilot.

Ways to earn 

  • Lock screen ads
  • Games
  • Reffers
  • Surveys




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