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17 Interesting Facts About Our Brain


17 Amazing Facts About Our Brain — Do You Know Them?

1. Undoubtedly, multitasking is harmful to our brain since it confuses our minds. It should be highlighted that it will alternate between focusing on Activity A and Activity B, which will affect our ability to learn.

2. Even though it frequently seems like someone is calling us when no one is nearby, do not panic; this is a sign that your brain is in good health.

3. The human brains have more neurons than stars in the sky, and billions of connections are still being made between them, which aids in our capacity for thought.

4. Each individual has a distinct brain.

5. In just two years, the brains of a newborn infant can grow by up to 80%. Therefore, parents should properly provide for their children’s early education.

6. Even while we sleep, the brain is active all the time.

7. Our bodies include pain receptors, which communicate with the brain to alert us to the presence of pain. None of these receptors, however, are found in the brain. As a result, the brain does not perceive pain.

8. It is not true that those with better handwriting are smarter than those with less-than-perfect handwriting. Since their brains move more quickly than their hands,

9. 8 am to 12 pm is when our memories are at their sharpest.

10. 90% of dreams are forgotten by subjects within the first five minutes of awakening, according to studies.

Most Popular Myth – 10% Myth

11. We commonly read on the internet that only 10% of our brains are actually being used. On the other hand, the 10% myth refers to this as a falsehood.

12. There is no way for us to read in our dreams. In addition to this, reading and dreaming are two separate cognitive functions that never interact in our brains.

13. We start to think creatively when our brain is tired.

14. The brain gives us the ability to pay intense attention to any of our duties for 45 minutes.

15. Our brains can store 30 lakh hours of footage if we use them as digital video recorders.

16. Our brains expand and contract on a regular basis.

17. Every human has only one brain, but octopuses have 8 brains.

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