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Top 5 Web Series You Must See In Your Life


In the last five to seven years, web series have become increasingly popular. Due to the fact that we can only watch movies for two to three hours at a time. That, too, is only for one day. However, we can watch high-quality web series for up to a week, and occasionally even for a month. In movies, the running duration is only two hours, thus the filmmakers must deliver high-quality material in that. Otherwise, it can be a flop in the market. The thrills, suspense, action, and plot of web shows, however, are limitless. We will now list the top 5 web series that you absolutely must watch at least once in your life.

5. Stranger Things – Without a doubt, children are the stars of this story. But trust me, watching these children isn’t boring. They will keep you tied to your phone or TV to watch them continuously for hours. You can’t stop watching them, once you started.

4. Squid GameUpon its first Netflix broadcast, this web series set numerous records. It quickly rose to the top of the list of web series worldwide. But a few months later, Hell Bound took the number one series trophy away from Squid Game by shattering all the records he had set.

3. Hell Bound It kept the audience on the edge of their seats. They are eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Hellbound. They are asserting that if they didn’t watch Part 2 of Hellbound, their lives would be lacking. I’ve seen all of the episodes of this show. This was out of the usual a lot. Because of this, it was able to smash every squid game record.

2. Money Heist When the flop program was made available on the OTT platform, it gained followers from all over the world. A proverb was tweeted after it received a lot of positive feedback. “Netflix understands your true value, unlike certain places,” The audience generally enjoyed The Money Heist. The two most well-liked characters in the audience were Berlin and the Professor. Berlin was a bad guy in the first season, but he still managed to win the fans over.

1. Game Of Thrones Just watch “Game of Thrones” if you want a never-ending source of thrills, mystery, love, action, stunning scenery, suspense, plot twists, and story. There are a lot of reasons why we put Game of Thrones at the top of our list of the top 5 web series ever.

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