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Gaurav Taneja Birthday Became Trouble For Him


The Multi Tasker – Gaurav Taneja

India’s Gaurav Taneja is a well-known YouTuber. He joined YouTube as a fitness coach roughly four to five years ago. He also flies real planes, thus he is a pilot. He is now keeping his audience amused with his vlogging videos.  Additionally, he regularly posts videos on his fitness channel. They offer knowledge about life, their personal lives, and other topics on Flying Beast. They educate individuals by producing videos that show how to gain or reduce weight. How to keep fit and fine? On Fit Muscle Tv.

Gaurav once bravely revealed a secret about his boss and the organization for which he was a pilot. He didn’t worry about losing his job. The owner of that business did not give the safety of the flights much consideration. To protest this indifference, Gaurav raised his voice.

Another global record belongs to Gaurav Taneja, he launched a new channel and attracted 1 lakh members in just 98 minutes.

How Birthday Celebrations Can Put You In Problems – Learn From Gaurav Taneja ?

Ritu Rathi, the spouse of Gaurav Taneja, is a flight attendant. They have been together for a very long time and have a daughter named Rasbhari. Gaurav’s birthday was a few days ago. Ritu held a sizable celebration for her family, and it was held in a metro. Ritu invited her subscribers to this party and said that anyone who wanted to meet them can join us in Delhi’s metro.

She had arranged everything without telling Gaurav because she was so enthusiastic about the celebration. But this celebration was rendered unlawful by Delhi Metro’s Article 144. The cops, therefore, detained Gaurav. Gaurav now won’t forget the day because it was so memorable for him. Still, we all wish Happy Birthday To Gaurav Taneja.

You can view that video below if you’d want to.

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