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‘Who’ Was The Eminem’s Most Savage Moment


‘Who’ – The Best Answer To Your Haters

Just assume you as a popular star for a minute and many celebrities or artists are disappointing you by spreading fake rumors related to you or your family. Sometimes they do this logically for a reason and sometime only to get some limelight or publicity from your side. If you will respond to them, your audience will get to know about those haters. But, How to handle them? Just read this and learn how can you shut their mouths without giving some extra effort by saying just ‘Who’. Don’t know how? Read below.

Rap God Or Reply God?

When someone disparages us, whether in our presence or behind our backs. We frequently react as quickly as we can against that person, which leads to us talking badly about them. We can get into serious controversies which can risk our future as William Smith raised a lot of consequences after he slap to comedian. No matter he apologized, but still that scene affected a lot to his business.

Moreover Eminem, though, taught us how to respond to this kind of individual in the same universe. He showed us how to maintain our composure while giving this kind of person the finest response possible.  As shown in the video, Eminem is heard repeatedly answering the interviewer, “Who,” when the interviewer claims that Afrojack is disparaging him. Eminem flatly rejected the idea of making Afrojack more well-known by letting everyone know that he is acquainted with him. Who was the only word Eminem took out of his mouth when the reporter repeats the question. Eminem’s supporters adored this approach and helped them to learn a new way of handling hate. Have a look at this video:-

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