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HONEY SINGH In A Very Funny Mood Along With ALFAAZ And J STAR


At the point when we accomplish all that we need in our life, which is our fantasy. We start enjoying every moment of our life. Because there is nothing left that we want now or we have a goal to achieve that particular thing. Sometimes at that point also, few people never get satisfied with their life. Whether god gives them happiness and wealth of the whole world. But Yo Yo Honey Singh is not one of them. We are going to show you a video of a very popular star Yo Yo Honey Singh known as Desi Kalakaar, doing enjoyment with a hotel staff along with Alfaaz and J Star in his hotel. This video was recorded when his popularity and craze among fans were on top.

Bad Boy – Honey Singh?

Honey has the personality of a Bad Boy in the industry. But trust me, when it comes to enjoying and staying happy. Honey is unbelievable. He often looks very energetic in his songs. But we can say he is powered with vibrance in his personal life too.

According to sources, this video was captured in the year 2013. He was singing a very popular song Dhadhang Dhang, featured in Akshay Kumar‘s Rowdy Rathore Movie in front of his hotel staff in a very unusual way. Even the hotel staff is enjoying this moment with them. Even when he is going upstairs through the lift, he is singing ‘O Womaniya‘ song with his friends in which music was created at the moment with hands and fingers. This video is very interesting to see. Have a look.

Crazy ? Wasn’t it? How cool it is to be a superstar and spend quality time with your fellow stars. Alfaaz is still with Honey Singh. If you want to see another funny video by Khan Saab  – Click On Me


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