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The Disconnection of the Soul Circle: A Natural and Inevitable Process

Soul circle

Soul circleThe disconnection of the soul circle is a spiritual concept that is often talked about in many cultures and religions. It refers to the idea that when a person is nearing the end of their life, their soul begins to disconnect from the people and things around them, and they start to withdraw into themselves. This disconnection can be a sign that death is approaching and can be accompanied by various physical and emotional symptoms.

Symptoms :-

One of the most common symptoms of disconnection from the soul circle is a decrease in social interaction. As the person nears the end of their life, they may withdraw from friends and family and become less interested in social activities. They may spend more time alone or prefer to be in quiet environments. This withdrawal can be a natural response to the physical and emotional changes that come with approaching death

Emotional changes:-

Another symptom of disconnection from the soul circle is a change in emotional state. The person may become more introspective and reflective, focusing on their own thoughts and feelings. They may also experience a sense of peace and acceptance as they come to terms with their impending death. However, they may also experience feelings of fear, anxiety, and sadness as they face the unknown.


In addition to emotional and social changes, there are also physical symptoms that can indicate disconnection from the soul circle. These symptoms can include fatigue, weakness, and decreased appetite. The person may also experience changes in their sleep patterns and may sleep more or less than usual. These physical symptoms can be a sign that the body is preparing for the final stages of life.

Physical changes:-

The person approaches death, there may also be specific signs and symptoms that indicate that the end is near. These can include changes in breathing patterns, such as rapid or shallow breaths, or a rattling sound in the chest. The person may also experience a decrease in urine output, cool or clammy skin, and a decrease in body temperature. These symptoms can indicate that the body is shutting down and that death is imminent.

In conclusion:-

The disconnection of the soul circle is a natural process that occurs as a person approaches the end of their life. It can be accompanied by emotional, social, and physical symptoms that indicate that death is approaching. While this can be a difficult time for both the person and their loved ones, it can also be an opportunity for reflection and acceptance as the person prepares to pass into the next stage of their journey.

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