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New Song By Sidhu Moose Wala 410. Meaning Or Release Date.

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  1. When new song of Sidhumoosewala release ?
  2. Explore More.
  3. What is Scary Hours ?
  4. Scary Hours Post by Sunny Malton.
  5. Real title of the music ?
  6. Release Date.
  7. Song Poster.
  8. Meaning.

When song of Sidhumoosewala release ?

After the death of sidhumoosawala. His father tell sidhu’s fans that the songs of sidhumoosawala will be released by 3-4 months gap. Many songs after Sidhu death released. And still they are continue to make records. When song of sidhumoosewala release ? Read the full article.

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What is Scary Hours ?

Sunny Malton also drop the hints of the son g poster few time ago by the title of Scary Hours. He also post a image with the nam_e Scary Hours. He also give a target of 100k to drop the poster. After the target is completed he post the somg poster . Take a look on the post shared by Sunny Malton.


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Real Title of the Song ?

When the poster of the son_g was published the title , the title of the music was renamed from the Scary Hours to 410. Fans became more excited. Same the poster was also posted by the Sidhumoosewala official account.

Release Date.

Now sidhu’s fans are awaiting for his latest Music . Sunny Malton release a poster of his title with sidhumoosawala on 7 april on his social media account(Instgram). The name of the song is 410. Fans are very excited for this song which is releasing on 4.10 (April 10) .Take a look on the poster which is released by Sunny Malton.

sidhumoosewala new song



Now what is the meaning of 410 the title of the music ? 410 is a famous highway is Canada. Which was also highlighted by Shubh in his song. Also one meaning of 410 was a series and name of shortgun.


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